Tuesday, 15 September 2009


On Saturday I got engaged, finally!

It is something that I have been waiting for and my OH knows that! We went away to Leeds for our first weekend away before I was pregnant, stayed at the lovely malmasion hotel, got far too drunk then he popped the question. It wasn't exactly romantic. He had choosen a ring, was waiting all night to do it, but wasn't sure when. So he asked when we got back to the hotel. By this time though I was worse for wear, the ring was a little tight, we passed out on the bed and when I woke at 3.30am my finger was very swollen! Luckily we were able to swap the ring when we got up on sunday.

I am wanting to get married next autumn. I love autumn. The wedding will have to be a budget wedding. I am going to reduce my hours further at work. We can manage on less money, and it is important that we still have plenty of family time together. I go back next monday, I don't feel as bad about it as I thought. It will be nice to regain a little part of me back, but I will still get full weeks off with H. I am only going to be working 16 days out of 35, hopefully reducing it to 14 days out of 35. Shifts, its too complicated to explain!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Get Well

I have decided to enter the Crafty Card Makers challenge again. I spent ages making the card last night, but I am disappointed in it! It is the glue. I have ran out of my normal glue which I bought off the net with some supplies, so I used to glue from the pound shop, and it's hopeless. The paper and card didn't set properly, and you can really see that on the card! I am however pleased with my flowers. I made them using some cuts that I had in a pack from tesco, I just traced round them and cut them out on my paper. The paper is from my stash from The Works. I have lots of cut outs now, so can make lots of flowers!

The card is for my sister, she went into hospital today, as she needs an operation. I took H with me to visit her as she was so bored. She is having her operation tomorrow, so today was her op prep, which involved Nil by Mouth and lots of laxatives. She wasn't very happy as she had no bed, and was starving, so we sat in the cafe, which probably wasn't the best idea for a hungry paitent.

She enjoyed the company anyway, and H was good. He loves his Aunty F. She text me after I left to say how much she liked the card. Tomorrow I am looking after her poor dog. He has been in all day today as her partner was at work, so I will take him a good walk tomorrow. I also need a trip to the bank tomorrow. Statutory Maternity pay doesn't go far, so looks like I'll need the last of my savings. I'm back at work in 2 weeks on Monday. Where the hell has the time gone!!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Home Sweet Home

I have been away for the weekend, my first weekend away without my baby. I was supposed to be going on a family camping trip with some girls I know and there families, as we all have babies born in the same month, but it was rained off. I had been asked if I wanted to fill a place on a trip to London a while ago, but had arranged to go camping, so I went to London. I was in two minds whether to go, the baby, I have not been away from him much!! Then there was money, and the fact the girls had planned what they wanted to do so I would have to fit in with the plans.

I went though, it was free travel and accomodation, and my mum helped out with H whilst I was away. I did enjoy myself, but not as much as I would of liked to! I am annoyed we went all the way to london and spent all day saturday looking in shops on Oxford street for a pair of shoes for 1 person!! AHHH. There is so much to see, I didn't see the point of spending hours visiting busy multinational shops which we do actually have up North. I love shoes, but it was hell.

The good points of the weekend though was going to see Grease- it was fab, having a walk through Hyde Park and visiting the icebar, and coming home!!! God I never knew it was physically possible to miss someone so god damn much. I thought my heart was going to break. I am not in a hurry to leave him again! Though me and my other half have a night away planned next weekend!! Its been booked for ages, our first weekend away since the baby, just a shame I'm leaving him again!! I feel like crying, in fact I have felt like it all weekend. On that note I'm going to go and have a moment to myself, sob....sob!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

New Arrivals & Death of the Town.

I made this card last night as my friend has finaly had her baby. She had her yesterday morning, Ella, born 15 mins after arriving at the hospital. Lucky thing! I was convinced the baby was going to be a girl so I had made the card a few weeks ago, and finished it off last night. I am always right, sometimes!

So, I am taking this oportunity to enter it into some challenges as well! I am entering it in to The Allsorts Challenge and the Cute Card Thursday Challenge. I seem to have got into this competition entering. Some of the enteries are a professional standard, some people have such a talent.

Today I have been to a local town to the shops. I never go to Spenny shopping as it is the most depressing place in the world, a lot of towns around here are, and I shouldn't have wasted my time today! I looked on the net and saw that there are supposedly 2 craft shops in the town, but there was hardly anything. Most shops are shut down. Its so sad really. Its all our own fault as well because we favour large shopping centres, which have killed our towns. I felt really sad when I came back. I am hoping it is a result of the recession and one day the towns will regenerate but I don't hold much hope. I know myself, everything is cheaper on the net or in shopping centres filled with multinational companies. I don't think there is an easy answer.