Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Bah Humbug!

Well that's it over for another year! Christmas, and I was back at work again yesterday. Bah Humbug!!

 Again I haven't been posting much, no excuses from me, I'll admit it. I'm lazy. I have been reading other peoples blogs though. That has been my greatest experience of 2010- getting into blogging. I love all the inspiration I get from seeing what other people get up to. I don't think I could ever make anything without the inspiration, it doesn't come naturally to me.

2010 has also been the year of the SEWING MACHINE! At school I failed my sewing machine test, the only person in the class. I didn't get it, it frustrated me, so I hated it. My mum had one at home and regularly made things but I loathed them, fast forward 20 years, I hit 31 and something inside me wanted to sew. Sewing is amazing, you can make anything from nothing, create so many fabulous things.
2011 is the year I get GOOD AT SEWING!

Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I hate snow. Its no fun as an adult with no option for a stay at home snow day. Please come and melt the snow sunshine!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Back at long last!

Finally I am back, moved house, got broadband, and got a new camera. I lost the charger to mine, and dropped it in my tuna pasta bake, its never been the same since. I got a fancy new Christmas present today a Nikon DSLR! wohoo.

We have been moved a month now, and finally settled in. The house is so creaky and I am always getting freaked out by all the noises that I hear. My sister has lent me her dog for a few days, as I am a little concerned about vermin!!! Keano is a patterdale terrier and the best vermin killer there is, he has shown no interest in anything though, and I haven't been hearing any noise, so I am happy for now.

Of course we do have snow, loads of it. I don't know if it seems worst as we live on a lane and I have not gone any further than walking into the village since the snow. I am trapped in a world at the top of a hill.

Living in a bigger house has definitely meant one thing....more second hand buying!! I went to the auction with my mum last week and bought lots. I bought up all the boxes of pictures no one wanted so I could do projects with the frames. I was getting them for a £1. I got a green wicker ottoman- £1, which is ongoing refurbishment. Its been a complete bugger to do. I got a wardrobe, but I can not get it over from my mum's at the moment. I got this cupboard..
It was an awful dark oak, but I painted it in tapestry green. I have seen one in Laura Ashley looking very similar, for more than £6 for. Saying that the paint cost me £11!
I have been making some fabric hearts. There are lots of baby girls at the moment and I have made some initialled hearts for them. The red ones are for my friends Twins- Isobel and Madeline. They were born on the 18/10, a whole 11 weeks early and are still in hospital. They are doing well though I am pleased to say. The T is for Thalia, my first niece that was born the day after. She is gorgeous and so good. If they all behaved like that I'd be having another, but with the worlds worst behaved 21 month old, I am putting any creations on hold! The hearts have been made out of a cotton table cloth I got for £1 from a charity shop and the letters from scraps. They only take around 20 mins to make as well. I am not sure if they look more shabby than chic though!

Be careful in this awful weather, keep warm!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Family Sunday

I took a day off yesterday, instead of packing like I should we went on a trip to a petting farm. I had a good time, but I think it would have been better if H had actually slept before we got there. He was very grumpy. Even more so when a hen pecked his finger! I have never heard him scream so much. He went quiet for a second, then his bottom lip went..then the screaming began. He didn't even have a mark. He then proceeded to hit me, whilst shouting naughty with his injured finger on display. I did laugh.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Over and Out

Finally, finally I am moving! We have just given the notice on this place and are moving into a converted barn in 4 weeks. I am even going to get rid of my phone line and broadband for a while. I have done this before and my time was much more productive. We have a rubbish deal on with our providers so I am hoping that I will save some much needed money and get lots done whilst I am off line. Of course there are still dongles and mobile internet, so it's not so bad. I am excited to be going to a bigger house with a huge living room, with an open fire and a mantle piece. I am also for once in my life excited for Christmas! My house is going to look great and I am going to have room for people to visit and stay. Perfect!

I have painted my final chair- Blue. I just need my stapler back to put the material on the cushion pad. I have a lovely pastel blue stripe to use. I think I will put that in H's bedroom or in a room in the new house.

I made some HAPPY BIRTHDAY bunting. The picture isn't very good as I was struggling for where I could photograph it. I made it for my Mum's 55th Birthday, but it will be used for many a birthday. Better than cheap foil stuff.
This is a draw string bag that I have made from an old duvet. I needed lots of them to organise H's toys. We just seem to have a mass of bits. I did sort them all out- tea set, train, farm animals etc. But they are all a mess again! Typical.
Well, I probably wont be posting much, as I wont be crafting. I have loads of projects I need to make and requests for Birthday and Christmas presents for handmade goods! I am hoping once I am moved and settled I will reaquaint with my sewing machine and get crafting for christmas. If anyone can give me ideas of what to make for decorations that would be great! I am thinking felt garlands, merry christmas bunting. Any other ideas? Over and Out for now.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Creative Lull

I have had a week off this week, which I get every 10 days. Its just the way my shifts work. I usually get on and do something during that time. Though, this week I've not. I have attempted to make a name plaque for a friend's newborn, but its turned out very shabby and not in a chic way!

I've only stitched the E on, which took ages. I showed it to my sister who promptly pointed out that the edging is all wonky! I used a old table cloth which I cut into 6, this piece is a corner. The left hand corner is thick because of the edging on it and it was very hard to sew on to. It seems to have all moved. Pah! I should take it off and do it again really. If a job is worth doing you should do it right. This is my biggest down fall, I put something together and don't really strive for perfection. The material on the edge has come from Heather, as part of her give away at The Patch Work Heart.

I did make a card for baby Esme, as I have loads of card materials left.

I made the mini bunting. It was very easy and I like it for a card. We are going to see the baby today, I haven't finished the name plaque yet. I will give them that another day/year if I can ever get it looking good!

I got a lovely present from my mum this week. A Pin cushion. Very pretty and neat, not like my work!

I did have a nice trip out this week with my boy, he's finally walking at 18 months and is making the most of it. We went to Roker Beach at Sunderland. The sea was wild! I had best go as he's at the front door shouting, Bye! See you soon!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Patchwork Heart Give Away winner!

On saturday I was lucky enough to catch the postman to get my parcel from the lovely Heather at the Patchwork Heart.

I opened the fabulously wrapped packages to reveal 5 gorgeous presents.

Gorgeous patchwork hearts, fabric, seeds, & notecards. I love the fabric, which is all recycled I believe.

I am going to use the fabric to make my very own patchworks. The fabric is cut beautifully, was ironed and so neatly folded up. I was very pleased to win The Patchwork Heart giveaway. Make sure you get over to her BLOG as its great. Thanks very much Heather and I hope you enjoy going back to school.

Its back to work for me this weekend, hopefully come monday I will have some time and energy to make something and fit some crafting in. Enjoy your weekend. x

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Happy Days

Over the last couple of evenings whilst the Horror has been in bed I have been creating THIS!
It is part of my 99p ebay table and chairs which actually came from a few doors up.This is the original post about it. I have painted 2 of the chairs that match and are at the table. However I have a few painted white wood chairs and I really wanted to do something different with the last 2 chairs. So I bought some gloss paint in Scooter Red, and after 2 coats of primer applied it. The cover on the seat pad is not permanent its just a poly cotton and will be replaced when I get a upholstery version of it. It will do for now though. The chair is now in the Horror's bedroom, with his bunting, union jack picture, & everything else british themed!

This morning I was delighted to discover that I was the winner of The Patchwork Heart Give Away! I only just worked out how to use the side bar. Heather has a lovely blog and I do always read it, so I was delighted to be the winner. I can't wait for Mr Postman to arrive!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Tea Sets

How many tea sets do you own? Do you use them? I have two and never thought about them until I went to move some stuff out of the garage and found the box they are wrapped in.

These are my two . I have only used them once. The blue one is a Royal something or other and the pink one is nothing I've ever heard of. Too be honest though I am not bothered who's made them, I like pretty colours, and the right price at the car boot! Where else would they come from!

So, the buring question, do I get more? How many do you have, & do you use them?
(back to Big Brother!!)

Monday, 23 August 2010

Bargain Heaven

I went to the local Car Boot yesterday with my Mum! After him in doors saying never again, along with my heavily pregnant sister joining him, I did contemplate going alone. That was until my mum rang up on Saturday night saying they were coming up and how about us and the kids go car booting and the lads play golf. YIPEE!

We got there at about 10.15am and at 12.45pm I had to ring my dad to see if they'd finished golf as we couldn't fit everything in the car!! AHHH! I even had to borrow extra money from my mum, and this was all after my sister said..."Bet you come back with nothing". Now, I am not sure if its my Mum sees more than me or she brings good luck, but I always get loads when I am with my Mum. This weeks happy objects are...
A white wicker magazine rack, to put all my dribbled on copies of Ideal home, Homes & Gardens and Good Homes. House Porn to me! It was a quid, and is to be resprayed.

I am not sure what this is? A man was selling a load of camera items, some really good stuff. Unfortuantly none digital. He asked how much I wanted to pay for the box and after lots of bartering I got it for £2. I don't know what I wil do with it, its lovely. I promised the man I will cherish it.
A lady was selling off her china. I got the teapot for £1, to add to my collection, and a Alfred Meakin floral plate, not photographed. It's been used. I like Meakin. Granny Vintage heaven.  I have just had a cuppa in the love raspberry Toile china cup. I love toile. That was 50p.
I got this wooden tray for a pound along with a seagrass basket which I am using in the bathroom for loo roll. Not quite sure that to do with the tray. Think a light sand and some clear satin varnish. I am thinking it will look nice with my new plant pots I painted pink. Only prob is, child is currently sat in the tray. How long until its broken??
The best buy was a bookcase, but it's in the garage. I saw it as soon as I got in, asked how much it was, and said I'd see if it still was there when I'd finished. It was, and I got it for less than half the price. The lady said her ex hand made it for her! We were stuck then for getting home as I'd bought a play kitchen for H, and mum had bought a highchair for her house!! Luckily dad & co weren't far away and we squeezed the rest into their car.
This weeks tasks are to paint a old chair RED, and to finish off my first ever cushion cover! If I could cut straight I would be good at making things!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Bags of Creativity

Last week whilst having a few spare hours after a getting up from a night shift I decided to make a book bag. I have a few of them that i have bought from shops instead of getting a carrier bag. I just used one I had as a template and made a bag. As you'll see I am new to sewing and struggle with the machine at times, just because I haven't got a clue! But, I managed to make this...
(Don't be spooked by the picture, that is my 18 month old on the wrong side of the stair gate!)
I have had the material for a while, I was planning on covering a chair with it. But I have no idea really how to cover the arm chair, and the material is not a very good quality. I need to get the insides a bit tidier and then I may be able to make one for a gift. They are better than carrier bags!

On sunday I managed to get to a carboot sale, not my usual one in Sedgefield, which I am really tired of. I went to one in York, which was much better quality, cheaper to get in and I got lots of lovely things for a grand total of £8.50. My favourite being this teapot.
When I first saw it I thought it was Emma Bridgewater, my heart skipped a beat when she said £1, it wasn't. I love it all the same though. I also bought some plant pots, some cream and and some terracotta. I am planning on doing something creative with them and the stars on the teapot have inspired me. I love stars, I even have one tattooed on my foot.
I don't know if I'll make a carboot sale this week, my OH has vowed never again, he hates them, and I have amassed a load recently. There's always ebay though!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Family Weekends

I was so pleased when this weekend had arrived as I had been busy working for the two previous ones. I work 2 weekends, then have 3 off. I don't know where the August weather has gone to but we managed to have a summer sunday. Saturday was all about food shopping, and a rare few drinks out with a friend. Sunday started off with a hangover, and a carboot sale. I was really excited about the boot sale as I hadn't gone for a few weeks, but it was rubbish. It was so busy, and there was no treasure. I bought H a fisherprice aeroplane, which was a bargain, but no use to me! In the afternoon we went to Seaton Carew and walked to Hartlepool to the Tall Ships. My cousin lives in Seaton so we had a nice BBQ at his when we walked back.

This week I bought some felt that I saw in the Pound Shop and made these.
I also made some black ones and they have been hung on the wood behind the curtain pole in our bedroom. They were very easy to make. I am not sure how much I like them, they look ok. My whole house isn't right, is so higgledy piggledy. So need to move!! Maybe soon.

I have been thinking about my collection of blue and white pottery. It seems everyone collects blue and white! I think its why I am finding it hard to add much to the collection. This is it so far.

 Lets hope the carboots this weekend bring a smile to my face a bit more!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Bunting and Union Jacks.

In between two busy weekends at work I have managed to get my bunting finished and make a union jack. I love the bunting but am not that impressed with the Union Jack!

The bunting was really easy to make. I borrowed my mum's cutting board and rotary cutter, I must purchase one for myself as I think I am going to be making a lot of bunting. I am thinking its a great present for friend's children.

I cut out triangles using a cardboard template, using a cutter. I did the bunting double sided, using a zig zag stich, and then trimmed off any excess fabric. I then sewed the flags on to some piping, as it was all that I had. I need some thick ribbon or bias binding to make the rest.

To make bunting, I found that a cheap polycotton matterial was much easier to use that cotton, as its stiffer, and its cheaper. The striped & large spot material was only £1.99 a meter from Boyes. As I had lots left I then made this...

I used a rectangle of the navy spot, and then cut out strips using the cutter again. I think however that the white would look more effective just being white, and its not wide enough on the vertical stripe. I think I will get some white poly cotton and use that instead. Only problem is I've given my the cutter and board back to Mum. I do have her sewing maching now though. We just couldn't work out Doreen's old machine, and I think mum actually broke it trying to show me how it worked. So I now have the use of a new simple machine! Its fab.

That means I have even managed to finsh off my patchwork quilt, backed on to fleece to snuggle with on winter nights. I have ened up bodging it when sewing it on to the backing, the corners are a mess, so I need to sort them out. Though its just for me and it looks nice apart from bunny ear corners, think I should have trimmed them before stitching. Oh well you learn from your mistakes, that's what teaching yourself is all about!

I just want to say a BIG thank you to my new followers and the comments I have got. It makes me so excited when someone comments!

Thursday, 29 July 2010


Well I had a busy weekend working last week! In my few days off I've had a couple of nice days with the boy at country shows, visiting Grandma, seeing steam trains and going to an auction. He was really good at the auction, slept for the first half, enjoyed watching it for a short while and then ate for the rest! I bought a few boxes of rubbish really! The items I wanted were bought by traders, infact just about everything was bought by one young man and one old old lady. I was a bit annoyed, but I suppose that's how people make their money. It just meant no bargains for me!

The boxes I did buy were by mistake really, dropped to £1, then once they'd enticed me in the rose to £7! I have some Meakin plates, Myott plates, Schumann plates and a lot of schumann style pieces. I think I need to have a car boot sale to get rid of it. If I can get £1 each for the bits then I'll get my money back!

I can't find my camera at the moment. I am lost without it! Its in the house somewhere. I have made my own union jack picture as well and wanted some feed back on it, as its not quite "there". Anyway its a mamouth weekend at work again. Roll on monday morning then family life will be resumed for 3 weeks, its nearly autumn!!! I am the only one who looks forward to autumn?

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Machine Phobia

I own a sewing machine. Actually, I own two. One I bought for £12 from Dunelm, its a mini machine but it worked fine to stich my patches together once I worked out how to thread the needle! Seriously, I failed the sewing machine assessment at school in Home Ec. I was the only one, even all the boys passed it. So in order to step up, do some zig zaging, some quilting etc I have got a grown up sewing machine. Very grown up in fact. Its a Jones machine, in a lovely green box!

She's a beauty! The machine is from my Mum's friend Doreen. Thanks Doreen. Unfortuantly she is quite elderly and her sight has deteriorated considerabley so she is unable to sew any more. She made the thing on the front to put your pins in as you go along, and even keeps an elastic band on the cotton, though I can't remember why! I am yet to use it, and you know what's stopping me....the cotton's black. I am too scared to change it to white. I have watched some You Tube videos.

I am going to have to set aside an afternoon and get my head round it! Give me technology, I am fine. Give me a sewing machine I am scared! I need to get my quilt finished and get my bunting done! My mum did me half of it at the weekend, and I need to do the red flags for it. She'll be annoyed if I don't get it done as she asked for it for me.

Maybe this is why I am struggling, How sexist!


Thanks for the comments I had on the other posts! I was so pleased!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


I have been told that my old background was going due to cost of the people that supplied it, so I needed to find a new one. I have done so but i can't get my details in the side bar as they are on the lay out! I don't want the "about me" and "archive" at the bottom! So sorry it looks a bit pants at the moment, can anyone help?

Weekend Booty

Hello, does anyone read this? please say hello if you do! I am not writing for anyone in particular and it really doesn't matter if anyone does read this, its just, well it would be nice to know!

My toe is still really hurting, it hurts right into my foot. I need to get it checked out as i don't fancy putting my work boots on!! I did though manage to get one of my chairs done. I love it, so proud, I keep using that word but doing something yourself instead of buying new makes me feel great, plus its better for the environment, and sometimes cheaper!!
This is the before. Old dark wood, smelly cushion.
This is my after! Its painted white, just the B&Q range- cotton white. I like the B&Q own paints. I have used Farrow and Ball, though I prefered B&Q.

On Saturday I went to my parents for the weekend. They live over in North Yorkshire. I was invited to a Christening, the daughter of a school friend. I was lucky that it didn't start until 12.30, so we managed to get to the local carboot sale. We were going to try Thirsk or York but I didn't have time, and it was drizzling.
I was really lucky to get quite a few bits and bobs. One lady was sat in the rain and wanted rid and I got lots of items for £5, including some lovely wicker baskets and fancy gold frames. I also got some old pictures for 50p, so I did this transformation.

The picture on the left is the after, I should have done them the other way round, shouldn't I?! It has been painted with Farrow and Ball Ivory. I am not sure if I it maybe needs another coat. I like the picture. Its actually a Doctor Banardos promotion for voluteers. I did get two, the other one is of two girls but its so sad. I only bought two as the others were really sad, and made me well up looking at them. God I am so emotional!

On monday I went to visit my grandparents with my mum and H. We wanted to go to a lovely fent shop at Skipton, which is where I got the fabric for my chair tops. My Grandparents are 86. I love their house, it is full of vintage treasures! My gran gave me some lovely old books for H. Too nice and old for him just yet. I really need to make more effort to see them, as it really cheered them up and really who knows how much longer they are going to be around for.

Friday, 16 July 2010

My plan for this afternoon is to get on and paint my 99p ebay table and chairs. I have painted a few things but this is the biggest challenge.

I have been waiting for the free paper man to deliver, so I have something to cover the floor first! He has been now but I have cracked my toe on the door frame when I was walking out of H bedroom after I put him down for a nap. God, I am in agony. I think painting might have to take a back seat. I need a codine. I have saved them from the last days of pregnancy when I was in early labour, they are for emergencies. I've never had one since, 16 months later, this is a bloody emergency. Oh My God!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Summer Days

Yesterday we had a BBQ. One where we invited people and everything. I don't usually invite people to the house as I hate this rented scuzz hole where we live, but I spend a while trying to spruce the place up, tidy the garden and make lots of food! I marinaded the chicken myself, made some cupcakes, biscuits, colsaw, then my darling OH burnt all the meat on the BBQ. Its the first time he'd used charcoal and the consensus was that he'd used far too much coal, it was just tooooo hot! Oh well lets hope no one had food poisoning today as the food was cremated!

I don't feel well today. NOT HUNGOVER, I feel like I have a bit of man flu. But after a mega lie in today I feel up to going to the 3rd Birthday party today. Best decide what to wear! I have some amazing new shoes, and I just don't know if they are too much for a childs birthday!

And here is my patchwork so far....remember I am a BEGINNER!!!

Friday, 9 July 2010

What I've become

I have been avidly reading lots of blogs for ages now, though not updating mine. No one reads it anyway, but I like to put something on here just in case anyone i followed did read this.
I have been doing some card making but have mainly been overcome by sewing now a days!! Ha, something I have never done before but I have been patchworking. I don't have any pictures uploaded yet, I'll put some up another time. I'll put some other projects up instead....

That was a dresser that I bought from Ebay. It was £5. It was a horrible dark wood. Though I painted it white as usual!

This is a hi fi cabinet that I painted white, and its now my bathroom cupboard. I keep thinking of taking the glass out and putting a toile curtain up. I also love toile!!!

New fire place at my house. SOme tongue and groove panneling painted white, and some lovely new Laura Ashely Wallpaper.

And this is me...new hair..shorter and darker

Any decor, vintage, handmade blogs please recommend them to me. X

Friday, 16 April 2010


What a gorgeous dress.

SOrry I have not been blogging. Well I don't know who I am appologising to as no one reads this blog! I have been reading lots of other peoples blogs though. I haven't made any cards for ages! I will do, but it is very expensive and takes a lot of time. I will be creative with what stock I have but I don't think I will keep it as a long term hobby.

Instead I have a new passion for all things second hand! car boot sales, ebay! I now love to buy old bits of furniture and paint them. I love colecting tea sets and pottery. I am also obsessed about moving house, and loosing weight. I am not sure if I will ever get anywhere with either of them!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Just some pictures.
Phone box at my parents village in the January snow, and me and Harris dressed up ready for his friends 2nd Birthday,