Friday, 10 September 2010

Creative Lull

I have had a week off this week, which I get every 10 days. Its just the way my shifts work. I usually get on and do something during that time. Though, this week I've not. I have attempted to make a name plaque for a friend's newborn, but its turned out very shabby and not in a chic way!

I've only stitched the E on, which took ages. I showed it to my sister who promptly pointed out that the edging is all wonky! I used a old table cloth which I cut into 6, this piece is a corner. The left hand corner is thick because of the edging on it and it was very hard to sew on to. It seems to have all moved. Pah! I should take it off and do it again really. If a job is worth doing you should do it right. This is my biggest down fall, I put something together and don't really strive for perfection. The material on the edge has come from Heather, as part of her give away at The Patch Work Heart.

I did make a card for baby Esme, as I have loads of card materials left.

I made the mini bunting. It was very easy and I like it for a card. We are going to see the baby today, I haven't finished the name plaque yet. I will give them that another day/year if I can ever get it looking good!

I got a lovely present from my mum this week. A Pin cushion. Very pretty and neat, not like my work!

I did have a nice trip out this week with my boy, he's finally walking at 18 months and is making the most of it. We went to Roker Beach at Sunderland. The sea was wild! I had best go as he's at the front door shouting, Bye! See you soon!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Patchwork Heart Give Away winner!

On saturday I was lucky enough to catch the postman to get my parcel from the lovely Heather at the Patchwork Heart.

I opened the fabulously wrapped packages to reveal 5 gorgeous presents.

Gorgeous patchwork hearts, fabric, seeds, & notecards. I love the fabric, which is all recycled I believe.

I am going to use the fabric to make my very own patchworks. The fabric is cut beautifully, was ironed and so neatly folded up. I was very pleased to win The Patchwork Heart giveaway. Make sure you get over to her BLOG as its great. Thanks very much Heather and I hope you enjoy going back to school.

Its back to work for me this weekend, hopefully come monday I will have some time and energy to make something and fit some crafting in. Enjoy your weekend. x