Monday, 11 October 2010

Family Sunday

I took a day off yesterday, instead of packing like I should we went on a trip to a petting farm. I had a good time, but I think it would have been better if H had actually slept before we got there. He was very grumpy. Even more so when a hen pecked his finger! I have never heard him scream so much. He went quiet for a second, then his bottom lip went..then the screaming began. He didn't even have a mark. He then proceeded to hit me, whilst shouting naughty with his injured finger on display. I did laugh.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Over and Out

Finally, finally I am moving! We have just given the notice on this place and are moving into a converted barn in 4 weeks. I am even going to get rid of my phone line and broadband for a while. I have done this before and my time was much more productive. We have a rubbish deal on with our providers so I am hoping that I will save some much needed money and get lots done whilst I am off line. Of course there are still dongles and mobile internet, so it's not so bad. I am excited to be going to a bigger house with a huge living room, with an open fire and a mantle piece. I am also for once in my life excited for Christmas! My house is going to look great and I am going to have room for people to visit and stay. Perfect!

I have painted my final chair- Blue. I just need my stapler back to put the material on the cushion pad. I have a lovely pastel blue stripe to use. I think I will put that in H's bedroom or in a room in the new house.

I made some HAPPY BIRTHDAY bunting. The picture isn't very good as I was struggling for where I could photograph it. I made it for my Mum's 55th Birthday, but it will be used for many a birthday. Better than cheap foil stuff.
This is a draw string bag that I have made from an old duvet. I needed lots of them to organise H's toys. We just seem to have a mass of bits. I did sort them all out- tea set, train, farm animals etc. But they are all a mess again! Typical.
Well, I probably wont be posting much, as I wont be crafting. I have loads of projects I need to make and requests for Birthday and Christmas presents for handmade goods! I am hoping once I am moved and settled I will reaquaint with my sewing machine and get crafting for christmas. If anyone can give me ideas of what to make for decorations that would be great! I am thinking felt garlands, merry christmas bunting. Any other ideas? Over and Out for now.