Friday, 28 January 2011

Picture Perfect.

In November I got a DSLR for Christmas! Early I know but I was desperate for one for years and we had some spare cash. I am still learning how to use it, it's very technical, but its the best money I have ever spent. I am trying to self teach, and practising lots. To document my journey in photography I have started the 365 project. I've really enjoyed it, I think I like my pictures more than other people do!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

What to make?

My health has been restored. You forget how debilitating flu is. I am still trying to get through the piles of washing that mounted whilst I was on my death bed for 10 days! I even had 3 days off sick from work. They were ok about it actually, but I know they were busy and the shift was short. I got no end of digs when I got back about being ill on the weekend night shifts.

My sewing machine did get a work out, as I started to recover. I finished of the bunting that I made for H's room ages ago. He has some on one wall, but I still had loads of flags left, so I finished another row. His bedroom is so big it needs the decoration. I made him some curtains, they are ok, but needed to be wider! Silly me. I have nearly finished his room so I will put some pictures up. I need to make some wall decorations. I want to make a fabric number wall hanging and some applique pictures- red buses I was thinking. Bit stuck on how to start!

I have made a list of the next load of things I want to make, I keep buying fabric with no purpose! I want a fabric beach hut wall hanging for the bathroom. I am obsessed with beach huts! I want one. I want some funky bunting for my sewing area, and I want to make some door stops. I have seen other people make them and they look fab. I am going to work out how to do them, or if anyone has a tutorial!

This afternoon I need to collect 6 farmhouse chairs! I won them on ebay for the starting bid price, so I am well chuffed. I am going to paint them bright colours, thinking a pink, green, yellow, lilac, I already have blue, red & white, thinking maybe some pastel beach hut colours for these!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hope 2011 is a good one for you. I know its late as it's the 10th already, still better late than never!
I worked all between Christmas & New Year, and was so looking forward to Thursday that's just gone as it was the first day of my 8 days off, time for some cleaning, organising, crafting, a family day out, starting photography club, just generally being productive. But no, I have the flu! I was in bed Thursday afternoon, Friday, Saturday and on the sofa yesterday. I am ok if I use no energy but useless if I do anything! I just want to be well. Its made me realise just how much I take my heath for granted. I am always well, so when I get an illness, usually every 2-3 years I am floored.

I am back at work on friday for night shifts, I bet I am fine then. I'm so annoyed. I need to make H some curtains. I have this lovely Sunderland Football Club inspired material for them.

Sorry this is a whiney post! I suppose I should really say Good Health to everyone in 2011. x