Friday, 25 February 2011

Time Flies

Wednesday saw Harris' 2nd Birthday! Time has just absolutely flown in those two years.
 Harris loving the centre stage whilst we all sang Happy Birthday to him.

 Some of my favourite snaps.....2 days old here.

 3 weeks old wondering who I am!

 4 months old, on our first holiday to Elie, Scotland. It was such a hot week.

Starting to get cheeky!

We are not having his party until next Sunday as I am working either side of his birthday and couldn't get any time off work. Me and the OH had the day off on his birthday and we had a tea party at home with the OH's family. My family are all coming up from North Yorkshire next weekend for his party. He is going to be one spoilt boy.

Thank you for everyone's comments on my living room dissatisfaction. I have done a few subtle changes. Hoping to get everything tied together next week whilst I have a nice 7 days off work. I'll get some pictures after the big clean ready for the party! I went to another auction last week and have been having fun painting a nest of tables.

Take Care. xx

Monday, 14 February 2011

Living Room Disatisfaction

One sunny September afternoon I came to view the house we are living in now. We had been looking for somewhere bigger to rent for a while and nothing was coming up in the area that we live in, when my brother in law told me about the house we are in now. I fell in love with the house because of the space. The large garden, the huge living room, the big halls, the kitchen dinner and the 3 decent sized bedrooms. However, after 3 months living here I am dissatisfied again. I don't know if that's just because that's the type of person I am, but I really can't get my living room to work! I wonder if its maybe too big, I know its definately too beige!

Here are some pictures of my room. Critisism welcome. I need help!

 The fire place. I love the tiles and style. I don't like the plaster frame above. The coloured jars are just my latest thing, they look so cosy at night. I do need to find some nice permanent nic naks to be displayed on the mantle.
 My second hand re upholstered sofa. All adding to the beigness of the room! I think I need some bright cushions in pinks, rasperberry and plum to go with the tiles on the fireplace.
 Some wall art, grouped in threes as you are meant to. I love hearts.
 Some fabric hearts I made.
 A lovely clock my Mum lent me. Dont think she'll get it back!

 Tiles on the fireplace

 Window seat. Cushions made my mum. More beige curtains!

 Farm house chair painted duck egg by myself.
 A view of the whole room. The rocking chair was mine as a child. The blanket box was a buy from an auction.

Ebay Chairs with plain white throws, cushions made by myself. Nest of tables were ebayed, painted by me. The Enid Blyton books are mine from years ago.

 My favourite ebay buy. A £10 dark dresser, painted and handles changed. All the blue and white bits were car booted last year. The blue jars are tea light holders made by me.

Blue hearts made by me, for the blue side of the room.

Its just all too much space, and too much white and beige!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Spring is in the air!

Oh yes, told you!

My wicker heart has been hanging in the sunshine today. It'll probably be all faded and horrible come august and falling apart even more than it is now!

I decided to move my collection of Enid Blyton books today. Harris has been taking them off the table and ripping them up!!!! I think I have lost 2 or 3 to such behaviour! One of these books is a first edition, and has in the inner of the book. "Merry Christmas.........., love Mummie, 1947". Unfortuantley on all the rest of the books its says "Aimee Leigh Crawford, Araminta, West Lund, Kirkbymoorside, 1990" Why oh why did I destroy all the books in such a silly girly way. All of these Enid Blyton books have been rescued from mum's loft. Most I picked up from Carboot sales in 1990, some were bought new for me as presents.

Somewhere I do have most of the Famous Five Books. I thought they were on a shelf somewhere. I am now wondering if Harris ripped up all of those books!!! I used to love Enid Blyton. My Favourite books were the Faraway tree & Naughty Amelia Jane.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Room Projects

I have lived in this house for 3 months now, and I still don't feel that its anywhere near finished. It is rented, and its all plain and beige.  I have been trying for ages to brighten it all up. Beige walls, carpet, sofa & wood all over. When the weather is better I'll be painting some bigger pieces in the garden. I am so messy I get it everywhere, not good in a rented house.

Harris' room is probably the brighest so far, in a beige way! He is nearly 2, and will be getting a new bed for his Birthday. I wanted a white painted pine one, but we are going to go for a red car bed. He will only sleep in our guest double bed at the moment, not his cot. I am hoping the lure of a red racing car will get him in his own room.

 The Gollywog was £3 from a charity shop, he still has his label on. I love him. OH hates him, Harris has named him Terry. The chair was 99p from ebay, as part of a dinning set. It was dark wood, so I painted it red gloss. I love it.
 Red bus theme also in the room. This was from Home Bargain about £1.99 last year. I love it.
 Not a very good shot! The shelves are a summer painting project. I will just do them white. They are just ikea basic storage shelves. The bunting and heart garland that you can see are made by me. Paddington Bear & the Tower of London Guards are from my mum from Boot Sales she picked up last summer for me. Iggle Piggle is on the shelve as he was attacked by Mum's jack russell's. After some major surgery his arm was replaced, but he'll never make a full recovery. He was full price new as well!

This toy box was mine, from South Africa. We lived there for 3 years as a child. It was horrible orange pine. I rescued it from my mum's loft and painted it red gloss.

I am continually ebaying for some wood chest of drawers so I can paint them white and get rid of the beech veneer argos ones. His wardrobe is in my mum's garage. Its a 40's style deco one, that's knackered. I got it from an auction but haven't got it from Kirkbymoorside to Durham. That's getting painted white as well.

Hope you are surviving the wind!