Thursday, 24 March 2011

Decoupage Chair

What do you think of this...

Its a decoupage chair that I have been working on over the last week. I don't know where to put it though!

 It was a dark oak farm house chair. I got 6 of them off ebay for a tenner. One is pink, one is duck egg and I did a patchwork decouage one this week. It took a while, and I roped my sister into cutting the paper for me. Its wrapping paper that I used. I don't think I let it dry out long enough and I have a couple of tiny gaps showing the dark wood. It's not perfect but looks a lot better than dark wood.

 This was last week when all the paper was wet with all the glue. All my squares are lined up, dvd's and tea!!

We have had some lovely weather this week, and I have been off. I gave myself 2 weeks off to celebrate my birthday, which was on Tuesday. To be honest it was the best present I got. My OH wasn't very imaginative. The same Clinque goodies as last year, and Christmas, a cake decoration set- which I have, and a £50 voucher for Top  I was 32 I don't shop in Top Shop! Luckily my SIL got me a lovely Laura Ashley picture frame, & my sister got me a decorative birdcage & doorstop. I got money from everyone else, which I am going to put towards some new lenses for my camera.

Here is my fave shot of H when we enjoyed the sun on Monday.

Happy Spring to you all. It's been a long time coming!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Heart & Bunting Love

I am stuck in a rut of making fabric hearts! I have loads, ones in garlands & individuals. I like giving them to people for presents.

I have made one for my mum for mothers day and one for my sister.

I made them, and used them as gift tags.....
                                                  for my friends twin girls. She can also use them to tell the difference between the girls!

I tried my hand at gingerbread men, but only had white material, so this is my snow man. He's a little wonky but he's a one off!

And I have been making lots of bunting. I can't wait to have this hanging in the garden sitting in the sit socialising with friends.

Next on my list is to finish a canvas beach hut bag, and to make an aplique cushion for a friend. I get nervous when people ask me to make them things. As long as they pretend to like it, then that's alright!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Its nearly carboot season! I have been thinking that I hadn't posted much over the winter, but I haven't bought any treasure to show you! I have only been to 2 auctions over the winter, and 1 jumble sale. I have got a few bits, I have loads that I need to get on with really before I start buying again after easter. I have loads I need to get rid of as well. I need a car boot sale myself this year. Clear out the out of favour ready for more findings.

This year I am still looking for tea sets, tea pots, vintage plates, mirrors, blue & white pottery and I've decided to go for green as well. I also want picture frames. I love spraying them and bringing a new lease of life. I am off to the local one on Sunday if my hangover isn't too bad! Its my birthday night out on Saturday, then Sunderland V Liverpool in the afternoon. See if I can squeeze the bootsale in the morning.

My green collection- all stolen from my mum! She got the gree & white pot thing from a bootsale with me last year. The rest I got out of the loft. They are displayed in the kitchen. It has a horrible green granite sink so I went with the theme. 

I must say a big thank you for everyone's advice about my living room. My mum and sister came to stay the other weekend and jigged everything around for me. It looks much better. I know what pieces I want but I can not for the life of me put things together!

I got the shelves from an auction last month with a stool and a nest of 3 tables for £12. I painted it white, it was a horrible dark wood. The tea set was from a bootsale, and jug an auction. Lamp, clock are mum's and she made the cushion ages ago. 

The sofas have been moved around, and one of the chairs brought down the the fire side. I have bought new cushion covers to compliment ones I made.

Excuse my mug! I know the pictures need moved but I am hoping to get some thing diferent so leaving it for now. I made the beige floral cushion, the rest bought. I always sit where the big cushion is next to my mug!

This is my view. I like the chair moved there. I made the cushion cover. I love the fabric. Excuse Balamory on the TV!

The other sofa, with Terry. H brought him down last night and he's stayed there. Excuse the mess behind, child of 2 destroys everything.
View from the 2 seater where my other half always sits.

I have done all my pics in a vintage edit. I love the vintage edit, I know its popular with lots of bloggers.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Anyone in Suffolk...brilliant deal

An amazing photographer I know Anna, is having a spring madness photography deal. If anyone wants any natural family shots outdoor or on the beach, something away from the staged studio shots that adorn so many walls check out her blog...Anna Baria Photography

I'll be back later to update my makes and my living room reshuffle!