Monday, 4 July 2011

Hard Work and Hospital Trips!

We have finally had the keys to our house for just over a week now. We got them last Friday, Ian really wasn't very well on the Friday but he struggled through. I called my mum and dad to come help us, they are just completing their first self build house, well with a little help from professionals. I felt bad as they are nearly there with their own house and knew that they were going to get cracking with their free weekend. Anyway they came to the rescue, and by Saturday night Ian was in A&E, he was admitted that night with E Coli. He spent 3 nights in hospital and came home a lot thinner, weaker and worn out. It's 6 days since he came out and you wouldn't believe the transformation. He is much better now, just being careful what he eats.

Here are some starting pictures of the house..

Back room, lovely fire and carpet. The sofa had to be sawn in half to get it out of the house!

Hall- The dirtiest carpet in the world, and minging painted vinyl on the walls. I spent a lovely sunny yesterday afternoon & evening getting that off.

Lovely glass partition wall between the two rooms.

Rooms cleared out, artex steamed off, carpets up, double door way created and some stone chosen for a hearth. Looking much better. 

Stupid kitchen lay out. Everything has now been ripped out, wood cladding off, and tiles off. Not sure when I will get round to getting a new kitchen though!

I'll leave you with a picture of me with H, and my friend's twins. They came up to visit for the day from Harrogate. I spent all morning looking after my niece who is the same age- 8 months. Half an hour after she left the twins arrived. I was in bed at 7.30pm that night. Twins and a 2 year old are hard work and that was with 2 adults. A fortune teller once told me I would have 3 children, a boy then twins, a boy & girl. The first one is right, I couldn't cope if that was the case! The girls were born at 29 weeks, but are absolutely fine. They are really thriving. 

I'll update you with the next house installment soon.